Sunday, March 12, 2006

Day 9: Up and At 'Em!

I rose early, as is my new habit. I went and worked out breifly. I cleaned up, called Sgt Dennis to walk to chow.

I have a confession. I am one of these women who never sweats. I just don't. I use deodorant, but unless I am doing something very strneuous, I don't sweat. We let me tell you....I have been sweating. I believe my whole body temperature has risen. I stay hot. All the time. The classroom is hot on top of that. The barracks is now hot too. The temperature has risen a little. In fact, last night, it was GORGEOUS. It was a nice balmy temperature with a little breeze. I was quite comfortable outside with just a t-Shirt and a pair of Yoga pants. However in my winter weight uniform, I stay hot.

We are allowed to take our "blouses" (uniform top) off in class and just wear a T-shirt, however EVRYONE has to agree to take it off. Unit conformity is the rule. We have one SGT who refuses to take off her blouse!! ARGGGG. I asked her "Pulllleeeaaasse??" LOL. She is embarassed, so I'll leave it alone....and sweat...profusely.

I shower. I do, really. I also use an anti-perspirant. I have been blessed physically and I even put antiperspirant under my bosoms. The females out there will nod knowingly and a few of you males will say "Do what??!!" It helps to not sweat so much. But I still smell. Sgt Whitten sits next to me and swears that I am exaggerating, but I think she is being nice. I don't stink but I still have that sweet/sour smell of fresh sweat. It is so distracting. I make my own soap. It is a lye recipe and it is very mild. I make an outmeal/goat's milk blend. It is very nice and creamy and good for my skin. However it is NOT an antiperspirant soap. Note to self: Go buy some DIAL soap.

I will be going home this afternoon. Last visit home before we complete our phase of instruction. I have PT in the morning at 0445 so I will not be spending the night.

We are all getting into the groove of things and getting to know each other better. The younger girls have quit treating me like mom. I guess because I don't treat them like kids. I am actually enjoying having open bay barracks, I don't have to worry about a pecking order that usually rules in a smaller room.

More to come


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