Friday, March 10, 2006

Day 6: Party Time?

I wake at 0500 to do laundry of all things. I put my clothes in a washer and then go get ready for the day. at 0530 I put them in the dryer and sit and read a while. I should have gone to the gym to work out but my legs are stiff and I am too lazy. I did too much sitting yesterday and got "stove up".

After my clothes are dry I go to class. Halfway in the afternoon SFC Vincent announces to the class that she heard a rumor that some of us wanted to party. Eyebrows raise along with suspicions. Party? or a working party?? Someone said "An Army Party?? or...." Hooahs across the room are heard as the other wary soldiers voice their support for his question. SFC Vincent laughs and says "No, no..I heard that some of you were wanting to get your groove on...." Louder hooahs and an air of excitement spreads across the room. She says that the 1SG had mentioned that there was a club that catered to soldiers and Thursday nights were pretty lively. Hmm.

The lovely Sgt Dennis leans over her desk and looks down the line of desks at me and SFC Whitten. She whispers loudly.."1SG told me the club is called the Legion and is pretty fun.." Figures she had the inside scoop. I'm thinking "The American Legion??" At break we are discussing this new exciting news. SGT Dennis finally says "I'm going." So I chirp up and say "Me too." Well, then everyone is incredulous and says "Really? OK, I'm in..."

Well, now I am married and I am a devoted wife...but I was NOT going to miss this "Cultural Event". So we three girls (SGT Nichols said "no way" from the get go) start to get excited like school girls. SGT Dennis is the only single one but me and SFC Whitten decide what our gooses don't know won't hurt them. We didn't bring any party gear so we decide to make a trip guessed it...Wal-Mart. We are on the hunt for a pair of shoes, and a hairpeice.

OK, now you are thinking, Hairpeice?? What does a hairpeice have to do with any of this? I am not sure if I mentioned it or not but our class has a lot of color. There are two girls in particular who always look so put together. Their uniforms are spotless, creases so sharp you would cut yourself on them and their hair! Their hair is slicked back into a cute little braided bun. They look so elegant and just put together. I had been admiring their hair each day just so impressed that they could get it together so well each and every day! Well the night before I noticed that one of them had no braided bun. In fact her hair was my length and there was no way hair my hair could be braided into a cute braided bun. It hit me! They wore hairpeices! I approached them and they said that yes, indeed, it was a hairpeice that fit over their ponytail and looked like a nice, neat bun! I was informed by SFC Whitten that these little numbers are well known and could be purchased just about anywhere AND they would even have a cute brown bun shot with grey hairs. I didn't believe her.

So we hunt high and low all over Anniston Alabama for a braided brown with grey haired bun. We finally find it. We also found a cute little bun for SFC Whitten. Sgt Dennis humored us and came along for the ride. However as the afternoon evening wore on she got quieter and quieter as she got more and more tired and sleepy.

We arrive back at the base at 1930 and decide to go rest before our big night. We are supposed to meet the 1SG in front of the barracks at 2100 to carpool and follow to the Legion. The weather is looking bad, the wind is beginning to blow and we race for our barracks. SGT Dennis decides she'll take a short nap. Yeah right. Then SFC Whitten decides that she doesn't want to go. I am feeling pretty silly about going, and by now it is raining. So we decide to stay in the barracks.

So we three old ladies stayed home. Pretty funny. If it had been 20 years ago, Lord have mercy I'd of tore that town up. Instead I went and bought a little brown with grey haired bun. :-)


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