Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Formation Day 1

After I checked in I SUDDENLY realized I have left my beret at home.

I think I am having a Fruedian thing with my beret. When I first got my uniform, I kept wearing it wrong. I kept wearing it with the flash (insignia) over my right eye, instead of the left eye. After an embarasing moment in front of the Sergeant Major...I finally got it right.

So here I am my first fulltime experience in the Army and I forgot my beret at home. Hmmmm.

I ask at the gate for directions to the Uniform Shop or MCSS (Military Clothing Supply store). No go, this Post carries a limited supply at the Post Exchange. The PX is tiny. I mean some 7-11 stores are bigger than this. They have THREE rows of Beer and wines and a tiny section for uniforms. NO berets. However, I am told I am in luck! There is a "Super Trooper" store here! Wow! Super Trooper *does* carry berets, but no unit badges. Sigh.

I quickly check my watch and see that I have roughly three hours till formation. Can I make it home and back?? I will sure as hell try. So I jump in the family-mobile and race like a mad woman back to Georgia. I leave pulp woods trucks and farm vehicles in my dust. I am praying the whole way I make it back in time not only for formation but to even CHANGE into my uniform. That's right, I am still in my PT gear. I make it to the house in an hour and 25 minutes. I run in grab my beret and haul *ss back to 'Bama. I slide into formation with 2 minutes to spare, but BY GOD I AM WEARING MY BERET!!!


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