Saturday, February 18, 2006

5 of the happiest moments of my life

Shayna has tasked bloggers who read her site to name 5 of the happiest moments of their lives. Since I have been on my pity pot today I figured it would be a good exercise. So here are my five:

1) childbirth. I have more than one child and each birth was very special in its' own way. I could never say one was better worse than the other. But there is nothing in this world like holding your newborn baby. Your heart almost explodes with joy.

2) Finding out I was pregnant. I was 35 with Joshua and I was surprised. I wasn't trying but I had been infertile for 7 years so I was blown away. I was 43 with Grace. When I found out I was speechless but the happiest I have ever been. I had a tubal reversal the month prior.

3) Boot camp graduation. I graduated as the Navy League Outstanding Recruit for the whole graduating class. My grandparents were there. They were originally from Colombia but had made America their home. They had always been there for us kids growing up. I had lived with them as a Teen. They got to come out to the parade field and were treated as dignitaries. They were so proud of me and I was so happy to have them there. Good memories.

4) My wedding day. My husband is one of these guys who likes to do things RIGHT. We had a huge wedding. I fought him every step of the way. I wanted something small and quiet. He stood his ground and we had a HUGE outdoor wedding with all the trimmings. The day arrived and I was so nervous, but when I walked down the aisle, I felt like a princess. My Prince Charming was waiting at the end of the aisle. The day was a perfect autumn morning, crisp and cool. You could hear the birds chirping and there wasn't a dry eye there! I am SO glad we had our day.

5) When Payson proposed. My husband is a born romantic. He had planned for months how he was going to ask me to marry him. He took me to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Then we drove out to his parent’s home. He had me wait while he went to "check on something". A few minutes later his dad says "Go down the drive, cross the road and follow the signs." Huh?

So I walk down the drive wondering what the heck is going on. I cross the road and look around for a sign. It is cold and misty (January in NW Georgia) and I can only see a few feet away. Then a few feet down a path in the woods I spot a rose tacked to a tree. Attached to the rose is a piece of paper. I pull the paper off and read "How do I love thee? Let me tell you....follow the roses, Little One." So I pull off the rose, and continue down the trail to read 9 other notes and gather 9 other roses. I see a little tent with a table and chairs and a rose in a vase. This note says to call for him, my love. From out the cool mist I see my Knight approach with the twelfth and final rose in his hand, he kneels and pulls out my engagement ring and asks if I will marry him. Sigh. And the rest is history. :-)


Blogger Day by Day said...

It's always nice to read into other people's lives.... Specially the happy moments.

I believe my husband needs to take "romance" lessons from your hubby! :)- shayna

Sunday, February 19, 2006 9:23:00 AM  
Blogger Barb said...

*sigh* That is wonderful -- What a creative, romantic moment!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 11:43:00 AM  

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