Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Comments worth sharing...

I recieved the following comment in response to my post on supporting Denmark:
Mere Muslim said...

Below are links to four new articles, from a traditional Muslim perspective, which address various issues which are being raised by the on-going Danish cartoon crisis. I hope that at least some of the self-righteous Islamophobes out there will have the courage to read these articles in detail--but especially the first one which is an exposé of the sloppy antics of Daniel Pipes:

Danish Cartoons, Double-Standards and Daniel Pipes

Hate-Mongers Beware...

Why Muslims Are Angry...

An Idiot's Guide to Offensive Cartoons


Mere Muslim

Tuesday, February 07, 2006 11:30:32 PM


SGT Lori said...

While I respect the right of Muslims to be terribly upset by the flagrant disrespect paid to Mohammed by the cartoons, I do not believe it is an excuse to turn violent and murderous. In the past in the United States there have been artists who portrayed a Cross and Jesus in a bottle of urine. Extremely disrespectful. There have been portrayals of Jesus as a homosexual, as a fornicator, a liar and showman. As upset as I got, I NEVER thought to go and kill the "heathens" who created the works.

So while I can understand a boycott, scathing rebukes, I cannot understand or tolerate burning buildings, murdering priests, murdering innocent peoples who are in no way responsible for the offensive cartoons.

I promise you I *will* go read the links, but I can also promise you I will be undeterred in my support for freedom of speech.

Sgt Lori out.


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