Saturday, March 11, 2006

Day 8: the end is NEAR!

Last night with my family was wonderful. I left the house early to make it back to base and less than a half mile from home I hit a deer! My vehicle has a crunched bumper, but I think the deer is ok. Broke my heart about the deer. The vehicle can be repaired. She was a doe. sigh.

I forgot to mention an event that happened the other night. The three musketeers (me, Sgt Dennis and SFC Whitten) stayed home from partying Thursday night but a few of the ANCOC girls didn't. A woman MY AGE got totally plastered. They didn't wake me up coming in however the toasted middle aged woman *did* wake me as she vomitted CONTINUOUSLY into a metal garbage can for over THIRTY MINUTES!! I kid you not. I was laying there sleeping and I heard this strange sound.."urp. urp." I lay there for a second and then I herad the "bleeeechthsh" into the can. I sat up because I was really disoriented. and I looked around. In the dark I saw the woman in the bunk across the aisle from me. She was laying there and then I heard her gagging again. "Urp.... Urp...." and then the sound of fluids hitting metal. I almost got sick. Then I got mad. Then I tried to think "well maybe she has diabetes or some other illness and she is simply sick. The next morning I learned from SFC Whitten that.."Oh NO girl, she was DRUNK." Oh good grief.

Now I have hugged a toilet bowl or two in my time. I have even made myself GET sick because I realized I had drank too much. I even got in a drinking contest with a Marine and won. As a result of that I did a lot of baaaad things that I don't care to repeat here! maybe someday. Petty Officer Pope, where ever you are, I will never forget that night....and neither will my roommates (who were not pleased with our performance).

HOWEVER, please, you are in your 40's; go sit in the bathroom and toss your drunken cookies.


Blogger yankeemom said...

I have so enjoyed following your adventures here! Thanks for the giggles ~

Saturday, March 11, 2006 12:55:00 PM  

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