Friday, March 10, 2006

Day 7!! Yeah, Half Over

Today is Friday and PT day. Last night we did have a big storm. Lots of rain and strong winds. There are quite a few limbs down and pooled water every where. PT was cancelled but the three stooges (me, SFC Whitten and SGT Dennis) decide we cannot afford to miss so we hick it over to the gym.

The gym is literally across a street from the barracks and has a good assortment of equipment. And, as is my custom, when I work out I go "as is". I don't wear any sort of cute workout clothes, wear make-up or anything like that. SFC Whitten is the same way..,HOWEVER, SGT (little miss cutie pants) Dennis is wearing her Army PT gear, short sleeved shirt with shorts. She is wearing a pair of skin tight black workout pants under her shorts but the shorts don't hide much. You ought to see heads turn when she walks by. She is not sleezy in the least, but she takes the little pains (that I used to) to look attractive and it is duly noted and appreciated by any red blooded male within 50 yards of her.

So I get on the Eliptical to run. I only get five minutes into it and I am warmed up. I decide to work on my sit-ups and push-ups today. As I am taking a break from one of the machines an older male soldier approaches me and asks if I had been there last year. Now I am really slow or dense. I don't take hints well. And I sure don't know a line when I hear one. I am very naive. SO instead of smiling and saying "no" and walking away I say "No" and ask why. He says oh I was here teaching last year and thought I saw you. Upon reflection I think it is hilarious because this is just so transparent! However at 0530 in the morning with no make-up, hair not neat and combed, sweating profesely who would think they were being hit on?? So I say "Oh, no I am a student." He asks what school and I tell him. I also say that I am a 25 uniform (Communications technician specialist) but am adding the current school to my portfolio. He responds that he teaches there at the Post but he also teaches at Fort Leonard Wood. "Oh" I reply, "I may be going to Fort Leonardwood soon." I mention that my unit is a Chemical Unit and will be sending me there for 12 weeks sometime in the future. He begins to inquire, when, how long will I be there at Fort McClellen..etc., etc and so on and so forth. It suddenly dawns on me.... Lori, he is flirting with you, he is hitting on you, he is trying to pick you up. I end the conversation as quickly as I can politely. Good greif I need to get a clue.

During our morning instruction we are informed we will be gettingoff EARLY as in around 1300!! That calls for a loud Hooah. SGT Dennis leans forward and whispers "I am going out tonight for sure". I am headed home! I want to see my honey and my family.

We break for chow and who do I see but MSG Flirt! Right in front of us in line. Of course he begins chatting. I am polite, but not encouraging. He is a nice looking man so I am flattered... never hurts a girl to know she has still got it! :-)

We decide to walk to the cars so we can park them closer to the barracks/school and not waste time when it comes time to leave. We decide to take the shortcut through the woods again but this time the creek is now a small river due to the rain last night. No fording in our boots. So we slosh through a marsh and make it to the parking lot. SFC Whitten asks if we mind if we stop at the exchange for a minute. We pull in the parking lot with the radio blasting and SGT Dennis in the back seat next to me (with my bun!) singing along and talking about partying tonight. Hilarious.

The ride home was quick, I spent the afternoon hugging my children and I can't wait until my GORGEOUS hunk gets home (that would be my husband!).


Blogger SgtHook said...

Didn't I see you at the PX last year?

Saturday, March 11, 2006 1:13:00 AM  
Blogger SGT Lori said...

NO! LOL. ;-)

Saturday, March 11, 2006 1:38:00 PM  
Blogger Politics of a Patriot said...

hahahahahaaaa That cracks me up.

Friday, March 24, 2006 7:33:00 PM  

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