Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Talk about stress

I love my job.... I really do. It is exciting, adventurous and keeps me hopping. I am getting better at allocating my time. It doesn't take three times as long as I anticipate, now it only takes twice as long!

My three applicants for this week dwindled down to one for next week. I am postponing one for September 1 because I am waiting on a waiver. Then one backed out on me. So. I have found two more qualified applicants however I won't be able to put them in until September. Maybe. Confused? Join the club.

Here is how it works. Since we have one of the worst MEPS in the country our Recruiting Battalion did an analysis on different techniques that can improve our odds of getting an applicant through MEPS. One is timing the other is screening heavily.

The recruiters who had the best odds of getting an applicant through MEPS (90% or better) screen their applicants and only submit an applicant that they are SURE will make it through. I was taught ways to get prospects to fess up (it works) and to make sure there are no hidden secrets lurking around to bite me in the butt when I send an applicant to MEPS. SO that is one technique...only send someone who is squeeky clean.

The other technique is to only send applicants the first half of the month. Since ALL recruiters have to meet a quota MEPS gets BOMBARDED with applicants the second half of the month...ESPECIALLY the last week. So MEPS gets swamped. Those MEPS people look out at the sea of faces and begin to get nit-picky. They try and thin out the ranks pretty quickly and your odds of getting an applicant through drops from 66% to 33%. SO the other technique is to only send people the first 2 to 3 weeks of a month. Prior to the 20th is our best bet.

I have a conference to attend in Savannah late next week (can we say PAAAARTAY?) so I need (yes need) to get who will count towards my quota by WEDNESDAY the very latest. But.... there is always a but isn't there? This paperwork can take TIME. I put three people's paperwork into the system yesterday so that means they MIGHT get to go to MEPS next week. Sigh. We shall see.

On the postive side?? Did I mention a recruiter's conference in Savannah?? Oh yeah, baby! I get to dress up in my Dress Blues (did I mention I look great in uniform??) be escorted by my sexy and handsome husband, eat a great meal, drink some adult beverages and dance dance dance. We get to go to the beach between very short but productive meetings, dine on local cuisine and have a wonderful time. I am not too keen on spending a lot of time with the higher ups like the Colonel, Majors or the Sergeant Majors. ESPECIALLY if I don't get these other three recruits in!!! Oh well.


Blogger brian said...

As a friend from Tenn. would say, a refreshing adult beverage. Good luck with the recruits and with the party, err..., conference, very serious conference. ;)

Thursday, August 17, 2006 1:34:00 PM  

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