Monday, March 13, 2006

Day 10: Just when I was starting to like this...

Can it be? Day 10. Seems like yesterday I just got here and now I have only 4 days to go. I have really begun to enjoy this. I feel like I have run away from home though.

0415: alarm goes off I lay in my rack for a few more minutes. Up and get ready for PT. We assmeble in formation, spread out and then work on our push-ups and sit-ups. Push-ups are done "Man-style" and not "woman-style" push-ups. However the Army likes to add a little spice to things and push-ups are done while having your partner stradle your back and offer "resistance". Ha ha. Sounds a little kinky but is definately not fun. My arms are weak.

It was still dark as we stood back in formation waiting for commands to stretch and relax, etc. We hear another company approach running in formation. Again the stirring cadence being called. All the quiet chatter stops as everyone is silent and we watch the company run by. We are almost reverent as we acknowldge this Army tradition. The deep voices responding in unison to the cadence caller. Moving. Heaven will have PT, I am convinced.

We are released from formation and I run back to the barracks. I was the first one to hit the showers (with my dial soap). I dressed and hurried out the door to chow. I walk alone this morning as SFC Whitten won't be going to chow and SGT Dennis is not ready yet. I walk briskly. It is now habit after many days spent running from here to there. The air is crisp as dawn breaks. I feel I am standing taller and more erect.

I began to reflect on my short time here. I love this. There is just something God put in me that loves this lifestyle. I love the order, the discipline, the "family". I have trimmed down and feel good. I love being outside breathing this fresh air. I love the challenge, the opportunity to excel. I feel proud to wear this uniform and it makes me want to do even better. Even though I have only been here 10 days, it has made an impact on me.

I am sad though. Since I am National Guard, this is only part-time and I will probably be back to my lazy slothful habits again. This will end and I will be back to civilian life all to soon. I will also miss my new friends. Especially SGT Dennis. Although she is from Georgia and we could meet for a dinner out every now and again, she is shipping out to Iraq come June. I have her email and she has my physical address so we will keep in touch. I am worried about her already.


Blogger Kim said...

You are awesome! Thank you!

Monday, March 13, 2006 11:09:00 AM  

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