Friday, June 29, 2007

More to come....I promise!

I am very busy right now with end of the recruiting year stuff. I will post soon. My kids miss me quite a bit so when I am home I am not on the computer.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

"It's easier for girls"

I recently recieved a comment on "Oh my foot". Seems a male recruiter thinks that because I am a female, recruiting is easier for me. First I want to say I think he is wrong about the girl thing. I am old enough to be these guy's MOM. I went through basic many many years ago and I went through NAVY boot camp. I can't say "Hey I did it so can you." I can say "Basic *is* hard! If it was easy everyone would do it. You'll cuss me the first two weeks. Then it will actually get fun. You will do things you never thought you could. You graduate with a sense of pride and accomplishment nothing else can give you."

Second; NO ONE is going to enlist because they are challenged to or dared to as in "Hey, I did it! why can't you?" No one is going to join because they feel punked out. Period. Did you enlist on a dare? OK, now I will say a good looking female is going to draw more guys to the lunchroom table. Yeah, she can be used as bait. But that doesn't mean the fish are going to bite. I am not a "good looking young thang" so I ain't bait.

Third: Females make up roughly 20% of my Recruiting Command. Roughly 20% the top 10% of recruiting is females, 80% males. We are just as good or bad as our male recruiters.

Fourth: The very reason I think the Army is not doing as well in recruiting as it could is the example you gave me. Assigning a soldier who has no business recruiting to a recruiting command! You don't like it and are not good at it. The Army thinks "Just Do it". Well that's like telling a Supply Clerk "Here's your weapon, here's some school; go be a Ranger!" Not everyone can be a Ranger!!

Lastly, I know you weren't knocking me...but you *were* knocking females and I R one! I work HARD. Leave? I haven't taken leave either. I got home last night at 2300. I am leaving to go to work at 0630. I work HARD. I have made my mission, and two other people's mission AND am going up for an award. You think I did that sitting on my assets?? Think again.