Saturday, November 10, 2007

College Kids

Right now I have three college kids I am working. They take a little extra effort. They are grown men...but still testing the waters of "Big Decisions". They want to make their decisions on their own...but they still want their parent's input. I think that is wise.

Two of them go to the same school. They know each other and their buddy is one of my recruits. One of them has been pushing to get things rolling. I got a call from "Dad" on Thursday. Dad was worried that son was making a rash decision. I explained how the program works...he stays in school, contracts with ROTC in his junior year and graduates an officer. Dad is happy.

The other one has told me repeatedly that he has discussed this with his dad, the retired Colonel. He has been dragging his feet somewhat. When I talk to him he seems intent on convincing me, and yet I feel he is also trying convince himself. So I put on the brakes. He called me this morning and said his dad wants to talk to me. I told him that was perfectly fine and as a matter of fact I had already talked to his friend's dad. He breathed an audible sigh of relief! LOL He told me to expect a call on Monday, and I said that was fine...anytime.

I never went through that phase of life. I left home at 19 and never looked back. I made some major mistakes, but I always owned my mistakes and learned from them. I was a twit for quite some time, but I finally grew up. I like to make quick decisions and then stick to them. I understand not everyone is that way.

So this next week I should be taking four people to MEPS. We shall see.


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