Saturday, July 26, 2008

CPL Squared Away

My Team is growing. The X-Men, as we are known as, are growing. We have close to 20 people on our team now. MSG Ranger is now 1SG Ranger. He formed Recruiting Office Teams of which my office is one. So now I am a "Station Commander" or as it is called in the Guard; Recruiting Office Team Leader (ROTL). I said "Does that make me a ROTtwieler??" 1SG was amused for a second. Then he said "No that makes you a Team Leader." Roger, 1SG.

I hired a Recruiting Assistant or ADOS (Active Duty Operational Support). CPL Squared Away is 24, a MP for the Guard and works at a local hospital as a EMT. CPL Squared Away is one of the most squared away soldiers I know. CPL's uniform is always inspection ready. CPL Squared Away is always on time (if you are not 15 minutes early; you're late). CPL has a permit to carry a concealed firearm. CPL does. When I issue instructions, the appropriate questions are asked for clairification and then instructions are carried out. I never have to worry or wonder. I called and offered her the job. She said yes. I plan on making CPL into SGT Squared Away as soon as possible.

We had a wayward recruit that was AWOL for the last drill. AWOL in the Guard is not as serious as in Active Duty. Please, no howling or knashing of teeth. It's the truth. In my active duty days, if I had not shown up for work for four days (the equivalent of one drill) I would have been put in the Brig. I would have gotten a Captain's Mast (Article 15) and had reduction in rank and had money taken from my pay. In the Guard we contact them by phone and that is considered good enough. Not for me.

So, the wayward recruit was contacted after I left him a voice mail. We arranged to go meet with the recruit. I sent SGT Rural Recruiter and CPL Squared Away. I instructed CPL she was to wear her MP brassard and cuffs. They met with the wayward recruit who was sufficiently convinced that we mean business. If we have to find him again it will be with a local Sherriff in attendance. I don't think we have to persue that avenue.


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Blogger Army National Guard Wife said...

Hi ~

I am a new ARNG wife. It's been 20 years since my husband has been in the USMC, and I think sometimes that he also enlisted in a fit of "mid-life crisis." Although, probably, I could have predicted something like this would have eventually happened after 9/11. Anyway, your blog has been both entertaining and informative. I have to laugh at CPL Squared Away - reminds me a lot of my husband. Good for the ARNG, I am sure, but sometimes drives The Wife crazy!

We're a ways away from you, but our state is also going over. Got our duckies in a row and the unit leaves for training in a month or so. Many blessings to you and the GA ARNG! Go Guard!

Sunday, March 22, 2009 12:37:00 PM  
Blogger dave said... • One shouldn't need delve into a newsman's sources, but this blogger recognizes the more a lie is repeated the more likely it is to become a “truth.” This instance indicates a reporter in pursuit of an easy story. The depth of Dugan's “inside experience” is shallow at best, and the reluctance of Osman to concede this obvious point is just more laziness. The real lack of integrity of course belongs to the self-professed recruiter/protestor. He certainly is no credit to the Corps or the anti-war movement, but a willingness to inflate his background and to flaunt his own hypocrisy made him a useful tool to both. By his admission, “If I recruited someone, that would help me...So I'm willing to manipulate the truth for these people.” He may well now flex and preen at his perceived status as an anti-war spokesman, as he likely did while he was climbing the ladder on the other side of the fence.

Monday, April 15, 2013 2:38:00 AM  

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