Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gonna do it

Well, I STILL have not heard anything about my board. It has been about a month. I know things move slowly in the Guard... but I feel that if I had been selected I would have heard something by now.

So with my husband's permission I am going to submit my packet to join an NBC unit near here. NBC stands for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical. These are the units that go in and clean up. I belong to a Chemical unit now, but this would be fulltime or AGR (Active Guard reserve). I will go have my DA photo redone and sumbit a packet in person to HRO by the end of this month.

No more sitting on the sidelines. HOOAH! Wish me luck.
Here are comments left on my blog from a previous post about my angst on not deploying:

I am regular Army and am trying to get my third tour in the box. Don't be in such a hurry. Everyday you put on that uniform you are serving. You are no less a soldier for not deploying. We all serve in our own way. The fact that you want to deploy and are willing to deploy says alot about what kind of soldier you are. Best thing that you can do is prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Read as many blogs, AARs, CALL newletters, etc. Shoot your weapon or any weapons as often as you can. Learn first aid, learn how to talk to helicopters and artillery, develop "Battlemind"- be polite, be professional, be prepared to kill everyone in the room, learn to view everything as a potential threat, always scan for possible shooting positions, never look for defensive positions- be on the look out for battle positions to engage the enemy, etc. These are all things you can do before you deploy. And always, always shoot them in the face. So the last thing they see is the American female who arranged their meeting with Allah.

That way if you get the opportunity to deploy, you will survive it and bring home your troops. You don't have to deploy to know what will help your soldiers survive. You can do your part and help them return with honor.

See ya in the Sandbox. When you need gunship support, think 4/227th ARB and our AH64Ds.

Matthew Silverman
BN Combat Plans Officer


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