Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What Price fitness?

I have another chance at passing the APFT this weekend. IF the weather holds up. It is an absolutely GORGEOUS Georgia day outside. 70 degrees on January 4th! However, typical of Georgia winters, we are due to get a really ugly storm come Friday. Freezing temps, possible snow/ice. So they may cancel the PT. oh well.

I have been working out, running on an eliptical, doing push-ups, and sit-ups to no end. An eliptical is this exercise device based on ancient torture rituals. It is kind of like a treadmill, except that you can vary the resistance of the pedals for a more intense (torturous) workout. I run on one of these for about 30 minutes with the resistance varying from level 1 (sloshing through mud feeling) to level 2 (mashing grapes feeling) and a final level 3 (sloshing through mud, mashing grapes while a devil hangs onto your ankles feeling).

I have been doing push ups all day in sets of 10. I still can't top 15 at one time, but I will really push it Saturday.

Now let me explain about the sit-ups. When I was preparing for the PT prior to my first drill; I based doing PT on past Naval experience. We did "sit-ups" but they really were crunches. We crossed our arms across our chest, lowered our body till our low back touched the mat and then up to touch our knees with our elbows. Not the Army. The Army has you lower your back until your shoulder blades touch the mat and then raise your body up until your shoulders cross an invisable line over your hips ALL while having your hands behind your head. Not much of a difference? HA! When I explained to my personal trainer that I was shocked to find I could do 50 Navy crunches but only 16 Army sit-ups he smiled and nodded his head. He said his favorite trick to play on some of the body builders who do sit-ups while holding a 40 pound medicine ball on their chest was to trade the ball out for a 10 pound weight they had to hold behind their head. "They can't do it. It throws your weight off holding your hands behind your head and you have to work MUCH harder to do the sit-ups." Indeed.

I had considered making one of these Janda sit-up torture devices. But never got around to it.

So I can NOW do 50 Army sit-ups. And I will pass the APFT test. However I want to know when this belly paunch is going to go away??? Maybe one day >>


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