Friday, January 13, 2006

SGT Seavey gives a much needed dressing down

Michelle Malkin has this story on her blog about a sergeant confronting Congressmen Murtha and Moran at a Town Hall meeting. He dressed them down in an oh so polite way. SGT Seavey states what I suspected...the representatives have NO clue about the men and women in the Military. There is a video clip of the event, go watch it, well worth your time. A quote from her site:
My favorite moments were the look on Rep. Jim "Bad Boy" Moran's face when Sgt. Seavey challenged the Dems' "demoralized troops" meme and noted that Moran didn't bother to send a single word of praise or attend a homecoming event when 200 of his Moran's constituents returned from duty in Afghanistan...
Maybe a letter needs to be written to these fine examples of our liberal politicians. And while you're at it...why not a letter to your media asking why they didn't cover this part of the story??


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