Sunday, January 08, 2006

Die Terrorist Die

You probably already know about this website...but it is new to me so I am passing on the link to you. We had an Anti-terrorism training today. Not much has changed on 20 years as most of the training is what I learned in the Navy in 1983- 1985. However the Master Sergeant made the training VERY interesting by showing 3 videos from this website. AWESOME!!

Here is what Grouchy says about his site: is the place to find those pump-you-up-to-kill-the-bad-guys videos everyone has been talking about. This entire site is focused on providing a morale boost to our U.S. and allied troops around the world. The videos you'll find here are about them, for them, and couldn't have been made without them!
Hooah, Grouchy!!
My apologies in advance to those of you with more tender sensitivities and haters of rap/goth/heavy metal music. For those of you who enjoy a HIGH ENERGY video with lots of military action set to some really butt kicking music... enjoy!


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