Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Iraqi Sunnis condemn mosque raid

I hate it for you. Aljazeera carried this story about a raid on a Mosque carried out by American and Iraqi forces after a tip indicating that activities relating to the kidnapping of CSM Journalist Jill Carroll were being carried out in the Mosque.

In a statement, AMS also accused US soldiers of desecrating the mosque and carrying away files containing the names of members.

"We call on the occupiers to withdraw from Iraq because they are the reason for every crime and the death of every innocent in Iraq," Harith al-Aubaidi, a member of AMS said in his sermon at the prayers ahead of the protest.

Well, quit harboring terrorists and you won't be a target.

Ashraf Qazi, the UN special representative in Iraq, also deplored the raid.
"This again underlines the importance of all parties respecting the sanctity of holy sites and places of worship," he said in a statement.

Again, you aid and comfort the enemy (terrorists) then you become a target. In your OWN words... ALL parties should respect the sanctity of a holy site and place of worship. Your own terrorists do NOT respect the holy sites, why should we??


Blogger liberalguy18 said...

Why should we respect the holy sites of religious groups when Muslim people's terrorists do not. First of all I think it's offensive that you should register the terrorists as an entity of the Muslim people or the Islamic faith because that is unfair to the several million people around the globe who practice a religion that advocates peace. Secondly what makes us better than the terrorists is that we have more respect for human beings, if to say that it's ok for us not to respect the holy sites because they don't is to make us, U.S. Citizens and U.S. Service Men and Women just as horrible and evil as those we are actively fighting.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006 12:27:00 AM  

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