Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Big Fish

I had an appointment with a kid and his mom tonight. I got a call from him about a week ago requesting an appointment. He is on one of my best school's wrestling team. He also plays football and baseball. He scored well on the ACT and has a 3.8 GPA. He is a Big Fish. He has a limited amount of free time and so do I so this was the soonest we could meet!

I had misunderstood where we were to meet, coupled with running late on account of traffic, so we met in the parking lot of the local IGA (Independant Grocer's Association) grocery store - don't ask why it is named IGA, I don't know.

So we are standing in the parking lot and I am having him fill out and sign all the paperwork on the back of my G-ride (GOV or Government Owned Vehicle) and answering Mom's questions. Two of his friends walk up while we are talking, looking curiously at me and him. He ignores them and concentrates on the matter at hand. He is a good looking kid that is clean cut. He looks me in the eye when we speak and he has an easy smile.

And he has plans for his future.

I am helping him win an $80,000.00 scholarship to the North Georgia College and State University. He will be non-deployable while attending and graduate an officer. He will have a choice of serving with the Guard or going Regular Army. He wants Army. Mom is so excited for him and so am I.

It was very refreshing talking to him. He is such a great kid and a neat person. He will be on the floor at MEPS February 1st.

So there I am last night working late in my office talking to my boss on the phone when I get a beep of an incoming call. Since NO ONE (I am told) outranks my boss I let it go to voicemail. I check my messages and it is a SFC Sharky that called me. I delete the message after jotting down the number and return his call. "Army Recruiting, this is SFC Sharky speaking; how may I help you sir or ma'am?" hmmmmm. VERY Interesting!

"Hi! This is SGT Fields returning your call??" SFC Sharky remarks on my voicemail message. I have a recording of the Mission Impossible theme song playing in the backgorund while I whisper in a heavy voice 'you are about to experience the most challenging job of your life! This is SGT Fields, the recruiter for Floyd county Army National Guard, leave a message at the tone...' "Heh, heh, I'd like to steal that message if I could get away with it!" he remarks. He'd like to steal more than my message.

He continues: I'd ask how you are doing except I know you are doing very well...
I respond: Yeah (laughing) I am doing very well.
Shark: Yeah, we get a *lot* of people coming in our office looking for SGT Fields!
me: And I am SURE you direct them inside and tell them that I will be there shortly but in the meantime, sit down and let's talk...
Shark: OH NO! I would never do that (heavy sarcasm and emphasis; mine).
me: hmmmm. I'll bet!
Shark: Well, I do use your name to help motivate my Army Reserve Recruiter. You're kicking our butts out there. Whenever he starts to relax I just mention that SGT Fields is out there recruiting. And you're just an E-5 right?
Me: Not for long. chuckle chuckle.
Shark: Chuckle chuckle, yeah not for long. Well the reason I called was that there is a Boy Scout Unit in Rome and they meet at your Armory....
me: Yep, they sure do.
Shark: Well we heard that one of them is about to make Eagle Scout. You know that is quite an accomplishment.
Me: Oh yes, I know! (note: find out who this kid is, and kick self for not knowing)
Shark: Well, we have a plaque and a certificate that we like to give them...
Me thinking :::I am sure you do:::
Shark continues: and if you don't mind we'd like to come and present it to him at the ceremony.
Me: Oh, gee,.... hmmm..... Well since it *is* here at the Armory, we are doing something very special for him (writing a note to call marketing and get a plaque made pronto) and will be doing a presentation so I don't think it would be necessary for y'all to go to all that trouble.
Shark: so you have it covered?
me (ooozing sweetness) oh yes, Sergeant, I have it covered.
Shark: (sounding thwarted) well that's about all. I just wanted to make sure he would get the recognition for such an accomplishment...
me: Oh I know what an accomplishment Eagle Scout is, not many achieve that level.
Shark: ok, well, you need to stop by sometime and say hello. I'd like to meet the person who is keeping me awake at night... (heh heh)
Me: (laughing in response) oh surely I am not keeping you awake at night!
Shark: well there is just you in Floyd County right?
Me: yep. Just me.
He continues to make small talk and nice nice but I can't wait to get him off the phone. He will die when he learns I landed the Big Fish.


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You rock!

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