Monday, December 18, 2006

My elbows hurt.

So, I arrive at the range with my paper targets. I forgot to buy ammo but no worries, he has plenty. I'll repay him with replacement ammo tomorrow. Joe Ranger looks like an average Joe. He wears a ballcap, a white t-shirt with a plaid shirt (not buttoned) over it and blue jeans. He chews, spits and smiles as we talk. He seems like a really nice guy.

We get down to brass tacks pretty soon. He asks me questions, I make calls to get some answers. I need to learn how to shoot lying prone with no sandbags to prop the weapon on.

I learned about how to load it, hold it, sight it and fire it. I did pretty good. Then I had to get in the dirt. I did better. I continued to practice and I did better. He showed me what it means if I fire right or down or up or left. My breathing is off, I am pulling too hard on the trigger, I am not using my elbows correctly to platform. I finally am able to cluster my shots but they are still too low. That means I have to work on my breathing.

After an hour and a half we quit. My elbows are raw, my shoulder hurts, my arms are stiff!! I am having concerns about being able to do this!! He laughed and said I would be fine. He said with more work he could really help me do much better. So I will be back tomorrow at 0800 and we will practice for about 3 hours.


Blogger Army*Strong*Wife said...

Goodness,...I love going shooting with the hubby, but 3 hours? I dunno if I'd be able to lift up my army after that,...:P Not to mention having bruises all over my shoulder,...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 8:54:00 PM  

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