Sunday, January 07, 2007


We recieved three paintball guns, three goggles, three filled CO2 tanks and a thousand paintballs from Santa for Christmas. We each dressed warmly (very well padded) and headed out for our acreage to "play". We took turns playing one on one since our youngest was with us.

We had a lot of fun. I learned two things. Gloves are not just for looks. I got hit in the hand and shouted a cuss word. My son was heard chuckling off in the distant woods. The second thing is I need to wear a few pairs of sweat pants not just one. My husband shot me in the leg and WOW did it hurt. I decided to go "sniper" and lowered myself to the ground and waited till he took off to hide behind a different tree for a better angle. I shot rapid fire straight for his legs! Tee Hee. I hit him twice but he didn't utter a peep.

Later when we were gleefully surveying our "battle wounds" I spotted the two splats of paint on my husband's pants. I said "You ain't fooling anyone big boy, THOSE HURT." He shrugged.

Still later at home I showed the big bruise on my leg and made hubbie show his! GEEZ I got him good! LOL, he had a whelp about as big as a small plum. My son was in awe. Hilarious.
P.S. on my sniper training. Joe Ranger wants me to continue my training. He says I have a lot more to learn (um, yeah!) and he wants me to get proficient. Not to mention he wants to train me on the Glock handgun.


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