Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well, I just finished up working a RSP weekend. It was fun but exhausting. I have been helping my partner in his schools and with his appointments alot. Pretty much I have been ignoring mine. I won't be doing that anymore.

My NCOIC just got back from a two week school and he looks happy to see us. My CSGM gave me a challenge coin. For the significance of a challenge coin go here. I was surprised.

I leave to attend WLC or Warrior Leadership Course in South Carolina Feb 17th. Sigh. I am NOT looking forward to this. Quote This course is hard hitting and intensive ... Unquote. I am just so tired lately, I just don't feel up to hard hitting and intensive.

I haven't had time to train on my weapon lately. I haven't had time to spend with my husband or kids. He yelled at me the other day and I know he has a valid point. However it is hard to convince my chain of command that my loyalty should be with my family first. ESPECIALLY since most of my time has recently (the last month) been devoted exclusively to helping my recruiting partner. However that is going to change.

The gloves are off, I am officially going to be an ass. My first answer to everything is going to be "No" or "I can't".


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