Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tug of War

Ever been in a game of "Tug of War"? It can be a lot of fun when you are on the winning team. You put forth a great effort and at the last moment the pressure is off the rope and you are declared the winner. Not so fun to put forth a ton of effort, feel the rope slipping away, suddenly you are swept off your feet as the rope is jerked free and you are left in the dust. Recruiting is a lot like that!

I had a great August. Now onto September. Things were lining up nicely for putting 6 people in the first two weeks. Then I got back 2 bad background checks. Giant tug pulling towards the loser line. I had the jail recheck one of the backgrounds as my guy assured me it was a mistake. It was a mistake! I regain some ground. Another guy is backpedalling by putting off making an appointment to interveiw with the unit he said he would kill to get into. Still another calls me all excited. He is ready to commit, he is ready to go, he is so ready he misses his appointment tonight. Another gal wants to do "something". Her husband is in the guard. He is encouraging her and had her to call me. She knows how good it will be. She makes her appointment and we talk. And talk. And talk. She says she will get me her information to put her into the computer...I wait, and wait and wait. I will hunt her down tomorrow. Several sharp pulls forward and I lose ground. I send off medical records to MEPS to get them seen by a MD for an ok to take someone to MEPS. Still waiting...and waiting. So I am down to taking 2 guys to MEPS next week.

WAIT! Good news, I get a call from my fella that took the practice ASVAB today and did well, he has a friend that wants to join too!! Hooah! I haven't prescreened her...but hopefully I can get her to MEPS next week with her friend. I yank that rope back really hard! Gaining ground again.


Blogger Station Commando said...

If recruiting is Tug O War then I have been sragged across the center line more times than I care to remember.

Friday, September 01, 2006 4:37:00 PM  

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