Thursday, January 26, 2006

Day to Day...

My new hobby is going smoothly. I have my loaner radio and have been logging in some time on the local ham radio nets. I am studying for the General license so I can sign up for the emergency HF frequency net or ARES. I also have plans on doing MARS. There is a Hamfest in February and I plan on testing for the General license then. After that I just need to pass Morse Code. I wonder if I can take my radio with me to Iraq???

I have one piece of paperwork missing from my application to the NBC team, so as soon as I get it I will be driving down to Atlanta to turn it in. I MAY see about visiting the unit just to pop in and say hi. This is just SO weird to me!!! It is just so very different from the active duty military where you call a detailer to try and arrange orders. He tells you what is out there, you pick and viola, you have orders and GO.

My husband is attending a local Chiropractic seminar today. His office is normally closed on Thursdays so it was rather convenient for him to attend. He HATES driving to Atlanta so he wasn't looking forward to it. Yet he needs time to hone his skills so it is a good thing.

I am still working out and will pass the APFT when we have it again. My unit has put off the retest due to weather. That just gives me more time to whip this body into shape. My biggest struggle at this point is DIET. I log onto fitday to keep a food journal. It is free and is a pretty good program. I don't eat much, but what I do it is 60% FAT. I am a meat and potatoes kinda girl plus I love fried food. So I need to really start to watch my food choices. Sigh. The kicker? I have 140 cholesterol and 90/58 blood pressure. Healthy as a horse. I have a friend who is a health NUT, she runs a 7 minute mile, runs on a tread mill for an hour every morning. Her cholesterol is 250!!! Yikes! She about had a fit when she heard what mine is. Life is NOT fair! :-) Nice when it is to my advantage though!

Not much else going on except the day to day drama, and I am not much for drama. I prefer action. This is killing me.


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