Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Here is a pic of me snapped while I was teaching during RSP:

Notice the guy to the far right? SLEEPING! LOL. I love to teach these kids but not everyone likes my style. Also notice my hair style? VERY Navy. Since WLC I wear it more Army. It helps that it is growing out and getting long enough to pull it all back. I actually like this pic. I wasn't posing, they caught me in a candid moment.

Well I finally did it. I rolled a doughnut this month. That means I put ZERO people into the National Guard this month. Yeah I was at school at the beginning of the month but... I have been having nightmares about it. My boss keeps telling me to chill. I have four going down Wednesday next week. 3 of them have taken their ASVAB, 2 have taken their physicals and one is a prior service so they are all pretty much "shoe-ins". I am lining up 4 more for the following week. Then I will be done with my mission.

So...done with my mission...what does that mean? Does that mean I can "take it easy". Um, no. It means I can get my office partner 110% of his mission (9 more enlistments) THEN I can work on "Rookie of the Year". I'll will be working like a dog.

Last night my hubbie and I got into a fuss. A big row. At one point I shouted that I wasn't good at "ordering people around" (insinuating that he is) and he shot back with a "THEN YOU'LL NEVER MAKE E-7!!!!!!!!!" Very insulting. We finally stopped and made up. It still stuck in my craw but I kept my mouth shut. So today my NCOIC SFC Ranger (soon to be MSG Ranger) mentions that since he has broken his arm things around his home have been tense. I realised that was the problem in my home! Not his broken arm but my broken foot! Oh yeah, I had my foot X-rayed and I have been walking around on a fracture for a month. So I mention that we had a fuss and what my husband said. SFC Ranger gets all indignant and says "Oh hell yes you're gonna make E-7!" I get all indignant back and reply "That's what *I* told him!" He huffed and humphed and looked disturbed.

Lately I have had to make a temporary portable office. I still have my office in Rome, but have been working more closely with the recruiter in Calhoun. He has a desk and SFC Ranger has a desk. But I have to make do. So I turned the classroom you see in the pic above into my office. Its' been working out great. I have a huge space, brightly lit and plenty of room to interveiw prospects.

I got back from lunch and sat down to work at my laptop. I notice an E-7 velcro insignia on the keyboard. I smiled. I took it and put it in my left pocket (over my heart) where there is also the coin the CSM gave me. Two minutes later SFC Ranger shouts from his desk "SGT FIELDS! YOU FIND SOMETHING ON YOUR COMPUTER??" I chuckled, got up and walked to his desk "Yes Sergeant. Thanks, Sergeant." I showed him I was keeping it with my coin. He nodded his head in approval.

Does the story end there?? OHHHH NOOOO. I get home. LOL. I casually talk about my day and then casually remove the insignia from my pocket, keeping it hidden in my hand and casually relay the conversation of the day. I slap down the insignia and a slow grin spreads across my husband's face. LOL.


Blogger cryptofreq said...

Glad i checked out your old webpage....thought you had stopped. can't wait to hear more of your adventures of recruiting!

Sunday, April 01, 2007 5:27:00 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Same here, cryptofreq! I go through my bookmarked reading every morning and I've been missing you, Sgt Lori. Finally I just happened to check your old site.

Gotta go catch up!

Monday, April 02, 2007 6:53:00 AM  

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