Sunday, March 04, 2007


Well, I am back from the Warrior's Leaders Course. WHOO HOOO!!! Shake and Bake baby!

I had a blast. Yes it was tough. Yes, it was intense. But I had a BLAST!

Here is a snapshot of the days:

0500 first call (AKA wake-up and not really too terribly early)
0545 accountability formation (make sure we are all there and armed with M-16's)
0600 breakfast at the DFac (Dining Facility)
0700 formation (billets or barracks rooms better be up to snuff cause they will be inspected while we are out)
0700 load up into Duece and a Halfs (big trucks for carrying troops) wearing full battle rattle (LBV, Kevlar, M-16) ride out to the field to commence troop movement training.
1100 chow in the field (it was the same meal for lunch everyday)
1200 continue troop movement training.
1600 formation; load Dueces, travel out of the field
1630 unload Dueces.
1645 Formation
1700 supper chow
1745 Formation
1800 fall into classrooms for instruction
2030 Details (Cleaning of common areas; mopping, buffing, polishing etc)
2130 Lock down. Weapons locked within our barracks lockers and the locker locked. No one can leave their room after weapons are secured.
2145 Barracks details (do it now cause you won't have time in the morning)
2300 lights out

It was actually pretty smooth. We were kept very busy and it is a good thing too. We had about 2 hours of free time the night before graduation and some people got stupid.

My class was GREAT. We had a good mix of people and everything went pretty smoothly. I'll write more soon.


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