Friday, November 03, 2006

Stupid is as Stupid DOES

I am still upset about Mr. John Kerry's comment. The thought has briefly crossed my mind to make a "I Luv Jon Carry" button. I have heard some people say that a big deal is being made about his comment, a proverbial mountain out of a molehill. Maybe.

His comment showed me what he thinks of the military men and women. We chose the Military because we had no better choice. His comment reminded me of comments made by a school counselor. I had gone on an appointment and found out my prospect couldn't read after he scored a TWO on the EST (practice ASVAB on recruiter's laptops). I tried to be encouraging and helpful but left the home depressed.

A few weeks roll by and I get a phone call from the counselor at his high school. Seems she got wind of his interest and wanted to be of "halp".

The counselor tried in a round about way to find out if I knew the kid was illiterate. I let her know up front I figured it out.

She then proceeds to say that if the Army can use him "Since he is Special Ed...and on an IEP....if he needed to have a diploma, well..." I could tell this was painful for her to admit, but I let her continue without relieving her agony.
I said "Well.....?"
Counselor "Well, I mean we have a lot of pull when it comes to his education."
Me "Oh yes, I need to provide him with whatever tools he needs to succeed."
Counselor "Well yes, there’s that, but also we write the requirements for his graduation."
Me "Meaning...?"
Counselor "Well, if he needs to have a diploma to get in the Army, we can give him one."
Me (steam rolling out of ears) "Well, ma' disrespect, yes you are right..he *does* need a diploma to get into the Army or the National Guard or any military service..."
Counselor (gleefully happy) "Well we can give Aaron a diploma!"
Me "Yes Ma'am, again no disrespect intended, however maybe 60 years ago, or rather *maybe* a hundred years ago a man could get into the Military by signing a "X" next to his name on a piece of paper. But today? With all due respect, your school has failed Aaron. He is completely and utterly illiterate and a piece of paper with the word Diploma on it won't be enough."

I went on at great length about how great our military is and the kinds of weapons and equipment they use. I knew I had lost her though. Her comments continued to be degrading and unrelentingly condescending.

I am angry and sad. This is what the general liberal public thinks of me and other soldiers. We are unfortunate pukes who couldn't or wouldn't make the right education choices and are left no other choice for our future.

It would take only one generation of young men and women to NOT choose the Military for a career and we would be over run by all our enemies. I hope Kerry remembers that before he lies down to sleep at night. If, by his STUPID statement we lose a lot of our best and brightest, then he is the most ignorant of them all.


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Well said.

Saturday, November 04, 2006 11:30:00 AM  

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