Thursday, October 05, 2006

How do I serve....Let me Count the Ways...

Today I attended the Recruiting Batallion's Change of Command. It was long, hot, humid, sweltering, long and only 3 people passed out from standing at attention in the heat. Locked knees will always be your downfall, literally. Part of the ceremony was issuing awards. I recieved the Army Achievement Medal. :-) and that's all I am going to say about that (said in my best Forrest Gump Voice).

Later I met with an executive of a local company that specializes in recording customer service personnel. I need to back track a little. The Georgia National Guard has a pilot program that I was selected (along with 14 others from my graduating class) to participate in. We received some intense one on one training with the top recruiters from our state. We were to record all of our interveiws and briefings with leads/applicants. Then the top recruiters were tasked with listening and correcting. My leader also happened to be Recruiter of the Year last year. So I got some really good training.

I also happened to be the ONLY rookie recruiter that was actually recording all of her interviews etc. I also happened to run into some interesting situations (brain surgery guy) right off the bat MUCH to the amusement of my chain of command. OH YES, did I mention this little recording divice was also being listened to by my Chain?? Can we say Big Brother? In fact I have a section of my Recruiting Bible I made called "Big Brother" that has my notes on the recording training etc. Normally a rookie has a 30% success rate at MEPS. I have a 100% success rate and the other rookies have an average of 70% success rate. Very nice.

Well two short months after I recieved the recorder I lost it. Yep. Could not find it anywhere. They shipped me a new one which never arrived at my home. Then they \shipped one to my office which did not work. I was in the process of trying to troubleshoot it with their techie guy when I got a call from the exec saying he got a call from MUCH higher up that "SGT Fields needs to get a recorder TODAY." YIKES!! He says he saw stars. Literally.

SO after the ceremony I met with the exec. He is a really nice man. We got to talking and I pulled out my newly acquired medal, smiled and thanked him for all the good training. He was VERY happy for me, but also for what the training was doing to help the rookies. He actually gave me a sideways hug!

Then he got somber and shared with me a little of his history.

As a young man he wanted to serve in the Navy. He had all the qualifications and passed the ASVAB with flying colors. However when it got to the physical he failed the eyesight test and was told he had some rather obscure problems with his eyes. After numerous attempts at waivers he gave up hope. He said he always felt sad that he was not able to serve his country through the Military service.

He mention that the new Commander of the Recruiting Batallion thanked him for his service and said "Your technology is helping Recruiters put people in boots and that is helping the War on Terrorism. Thank You." He relayed to me how much that meant to him. I was grinning from ear to ear. Yeah it does feel good to be a part of serving your country in whatever way possible.

It got me thinking about all the ways each of us DOES serve. Even in small ways. It is pretty amazing.


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