Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Drive on...

The Army has a saying that epitomizes an attitude worth having. Drive on. Translation...keep on truckin, look at the bright side, suck it up, and any other saying that means quit yer griping and deal with it. Whatever "it" is, get over "it", conquer "it", pick yourself up, dust yourself off, pull up your boot straps on.

PT was scheduled for 0600 sharp, so we were in formation at 0520. We formed up, marched to what is known as "the grassy knoll". The grassy knoll is a large field of grass. Not large enough to be a parade field but large enough for 4 classes of 45 pupils each to do warm up exercises. We ran in place for a few minutes, did stretches, and got ready for our Company Run. This time they decided to have us form up in sections according to our running ability. OF COURSE I was in the last section. The bad news? I fell way behind. The good news? I wasn't last to cross the line and I did not stop running, I did the entire 3 miles at a steady clip. Whew.

I was starting to resent this heavy emphasis on physical training but...I am the one who raised my right hand. I knew that I would have to work hard at physcial training. I quit working out a month prior to school. I have no one to blame but myself. Drive on.

I am "stove up" or very stiff. I have worked hard at pushing myself. I was able to do 20 push-ups this morning which is a FIRST! Whoo Hoo. I know that isn't much but it is quite a bit for a female. Now that I have achieved a milestone, I am upping my goal to 30 push-ups.

I have a big test tomorrow. We all met to study for it. I toyed with the idea of snapping a few pics of the cutie pies, Shell, but I chickened out. I may just fess up, tell them the truth and ask. More than likely Estrada will puff up with pride and say sure! LOL. He already has a girlfriend!! Anyway, we all compared notes and I feel pretty confident about the test now.

I will work on my run again tomorrow. Friday morning we have another company run. I am going to push to keep up with the group. I am hoping and praying and WORKING towards moving up to the third running group by the time we leave.

I got some news yesterday that I was still not in the "system" to get paid. At first I was absolutely livid. Then I felt helpless. Since this is a training command and not a regular base, there aren't all the departments that I can go to and rectify the situation from here. So I am at the mercy of the finance NCO in Georgia. I spoke to her briefly. She said she would find out what the problem is and notify me today. I checked my messages at lunch (1330 Georgia time) and no word. Sooo I called my supervisor. He told me he would notify my NCOIC (Non Commissioned Officer In Charge) and let me know something soon. The bad news? I wasn't put in the system until yesterday. The good news? I will get paid the 15th! WHEW!! I was so happy to hear the good news.

So the family will be here in a little over a week. I am working hard on bettering my PT scores. I am doing well in the course. AND I will get paid next week. Things are looking up. I can't wait until this is over and I am home.


Blogger brian said...

You are truly an incredible asset to our country. I am humbled by your dedication. I know you haven't, and won't have a chance to check any blogs, but I can't do physical activities due to my Chronic Fatigue.

I'll keep commenting and cheering you on, I hope you don't mind. I'm glad you liked the poem.

Thursday, June 08, 2006 7:24:00 AM  
Blogger Pogue said...

Hang in there! If you're doing three miles without stopping you're there for the APFT. I'm sure you're kicking butt in class...

Friday, June 09, 2006 8:41:00 AM  
Blogger SGT Lori said...

Thanks Brian, I could use the encouragement.
Pogue... I am kicking butt in class. And I feel confident about the PT test.

Friday, June 09, 2006 3:55:00 PM  

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