Saturday, May 27, 2006

Packing is such a drag

I have been doing laundry and trying to pack. I usually do my packing the night before since I am using most everything I need to pack..however I don't want to forget anything since I can't just run home to get it.

It is especially critical since I WON'T be getting paid on the first. You read right, I will not be getting paid. In addition I won't get a dime until the 15th of June. No travel money, nothing. Gotta love it.

I processed into the National Guard as an AGR (fulltime) position on May 16th. I had all of my paperwork but one item. I had said item faxed to finance that same afternoon. I have a copy of the confirmation. I called the finance NCO but got no answer. SO I left a message that the fax had been sent, call me with any issues. I then placed two more calls later in the week but still got no answer. I left it alone thinking if she needed anything else she would call.

Thursday one of our recruiters was down at MEPS processing in PVT Billy. We called him and asked if he could slide over to MILPAY and ask them if we were getting paid. He called back and said "Four of you guys are not getting paid, and in fact they don't have any info or packet on Lori." A feeling of dread came over me. I knew it, I just knew it. I breathed a heavy sigh and shook my head. SGT T was livid. He is travelling to the school same as me and wasn't getting paid either. He could NOT understand why. I asked if he had any paperwork the finance NCO had to process later like mine, no was the answer. I was trying to find a common denominator.

In walks my boss. He is an E-5 like the rest of our crew in Rome, but he has been a recruiter for a year and a half. I smile and say "Guess what? We're not getting paid next week, SGT." He hit the roof. He snaps open his cell and calls the NCOIC. Cussing and spitting he lets him know there is a problem. A few hours pass by and my boss gets a call from the NCOIC. I had already filled him in on the details so he says "No, she sent the fax that very day and has a fax confirmation in hand....(long pause) uh huh, no....ok. out." He snaps the phone shut and says that the finance NCO tried to say that my inprocessing was halted due to the paperwork still needed. They found the fax (during the call) and she backpedalled quickly. sigh. The other three weren't missing any paperwork so this wasn't simply an oversight. She just wasn't doing her job, so I don't feel *really* bad about getting her in hot water.

Long story short, the Lt.Col. got involved and the Sergeant Major as well (yikes). The packets were hand delivered to MILPAY and I am in the system. However I STILL won't get paid until the 15th unless a miracle happens.

SO! I am packing everything I can for school. The barracks on the Air Force Base are basically dorms. I will have my own room with a microwave and a TV. Dang, those fly boys have it easy!! I will take a small fridge, a toaster oven and my coffee maker, maybe a crockpot. That way I can make my meals there and cut down on costs. Poptarts, here I come!

I did NOT post this to beg for money (I know you know that but...had to be said) and I am DEEPLY TOUCHED by the offers of loans.... however my mother-in-law gave me a hefty loan. So, thank you for your kind offers to float me till the 15th. :-) I am really touched.


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