Saturday, May 13, 2006

I really try to stay out of politics...

I have some very strange ideas about government. I guess it comes from my Colombian heritage (Dictatorships), from growing up in the U.S (Democracy/Republic) and Germany (conquered country occupied by foriegn troops). I am an Army Brat and was raised with a lot of structure and discipline, I tend to not be very liberal. So I try and keep my mouth shut.

HOWEVER when I read this story about National Guard troops being used to secure our borders (good idea) and Governor Schwarzenegger's comments after admitting that it IS the Federal Government's JOB to secure our borders, well my blood is boiling. He continued:
"Not to use our National Guard, soldiers that are coming back from Iraq, for instance, and they have spent a year and a half over there and now they're coming back," he said. "I think that we should let them go to work, back to work again."
First of all I hate to be the one to enlighten the governor...but our troops have been coming and going to Iraq for three years. I am sure he knows that but it just appears so good to sound like you are backing the troops when you are really backing an unsecured border and all the illegals that work like dogs for nothing on the big corporate farms in California.....

Secondly..... what? Securing our borders as a National Guardsman isn't work? I know what he meant...but it was insulting to me that he feels securing our borders isn't a worthy cause and that any soldier would be less than HONORED to have such a job.

Daaang it, I think this is great work for our troops. Gee maybe if we secure OUR borders we won't have to watch another September 11th. I know it is a long shot but if given the choice..wouldn't you rather PREVENT a terroist from freely entering our country and causing havoc instead of mopping up a mess AFTER the fact?? Every Soldier believes STRONGLY in protecting our country, what an honor to be able to do it HERE at HOME.

I really considered the idea of volunteering for duty in Iraq. I am usually the one to help out in an emergency, I am the one who jumps into the fray to bring order so volunteering to go to Iraq just seemed natural to me. I was actually filling out the application and only had to turn it in. I spoke with Grey Eagle via internet about her experiences there, being a wife and mother. I talked at great length with my family and friends about volunteering. Grey Eagle was very inspiring to me. She cautioned me to not run into the fight, but to carefully consider all my options. My husband finally said "Listen, why not wait until you are called, your time will come and when it is right, it will be right." I listened to sound reasoning and waited. I had applied for several positions and the recruiting position came through.

My point in telling this story... I wanted to show there are people/soldiers/troops who WANT to serve. When I read they were sending troops to the borders, I really felt like it would be a great idea. There are a LOT of troops that are stateside and would be MORE than willing to volunteer. It is what we are trained to do, stateside, globally, protect and defend ALL enemies BOTH foreign AND domestic.

I am not an isolationist, I don't think we should roll up the welcome mat, but then again...we shouldn't leave the back door unlocked and open.


Blogger Bill Smith said...

Hooah to that!


Sunday, May 14, 2006 4:05:00 PM  
Blogger Cowgirl said...

It's hard to express through text how hard I am clapping...:)

Monday, May 15, 2006 9:56:00 AM  

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