Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sgt Sledge Hammer

I guess I need to do some splaining about the domain name for this blog...

Once upon a time when I was very young and cute and single, I was in the Navy. I worked with a Joint Command Center that from time to time went on deployments. As an Electronics Tech I was responsible for communications equipment maintenance and repair. I worked with 2 other Petty Officers to ensure 24 hour round the clock secure communications.

During one deployment we were working with an elite group of Special Forces guys. It was very exciting and pretty cool seeing all the neat little "toys" they got to use. It was really like a James Bond movie. The other sailors and I were like kids in a candy store.

Now, being young, pretty, single and one of the VERY few females around...I got quite a bit of attention. I brushed it off and didn't let it deter me from doing my job. I had grown pretty good at letting everyone know I was NOT interested. Much to the amusement of my fellow Sailors.

Later, back at our shop, we were rehashing the events of the deployment and one of my buddies starts in on how I got hit on. I just shook my head. He said "She was like a HAMMER, man. She just came down like a hammer on those dudes!" ... Well it stuck. From then on they called me Sledge, Hammer or Sledge-hammer.

Not very glamorous or exciting...but there it is. Sgt Sledge Hammer at your service.


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