Monday, November 14, 2005

Not Your Mother's War

The AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) published a huge article in Sunday's paper. They have it online today here. Women are in combat. Here is a quote:
From the gunner’s turret in the trail vehicle, Spc. Gitanja Williams could see the approach into Forward Operating Base Mahmudiyah. Behind her, she could see a suspicious car, out in violation of the curfew. It was heading toward her convoy of supply trucks.

Her heart pounded. Adrenaline pumped.
This ain’t no joke anymore, she thought.
She spoke into her radio: “I see a vehicle approaching.”
Her commanding officers spoke back: “Don’t hesitate. Do what you need to do.”

Williams steadied her hands on the .50-caliber machine gun and fired a series of thundering shots into the night air. The car heeded the warning, turned around and drove away.

“Whoa, Williams,” her fellow soldiers told her. “You go, girl.” end quote.

Great story.


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