Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween happened!

After my rant about Halloween, we all went trick-or-treating last night. Josh went as a Ninja. His outfit was from a seasonal Halloween store so it was pricey and should have been a little more substantial (in my opinion). Instead it looked like a white pair of pajamas. I guess it was white because it was a child's costume? He liked it but he looked like he was getting ready for bed and not getting ready to kill someone. Maybe it was the added accessory of SLIPPERS that he insisted on wearing. :-) Grace was Princess Grace and was the cutest little thing you ever want to see.

One year I made Joshua's costume and he went as Moses. He had a long flowing beard and we jokingly started calling him Osama out of his earshot. It was hysterical. Last night it occurred to us that he looked like he was wearing a veil and joked that next year we would put him in a burka. He was happily running around doing what boy Ninja's do.

We started trick-or-treating in my brother-in-law's neighborhood. We got a late start and most of the houses were out of candy but walking around with our children was fun. Boy Ninja and Princess Grace had a blast and by the end of the evening Grace was snuggled in daddy's arms. So for all my ranting, Halloween really is worth it!


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