Monday, March 20, 2006

Home sweet home

I got home an hour and a half after leaving the Post. I listened to oldies rock-n-roll all the way home. I just wasn't in the mood for country. The weather has been a cold misty wintery sort of weather to match my mood. I hate doing things half way and I felt like not getting phase 2 was quitting while I was only halfway through the game! My 1SG called me on the way and was pretty upset that things had fallen through. At this point I just said "I'll pick it up later..." Lesson learned for the unit, reserve space and orders for both phases. I was down about it but... what could be done?

I got home and my husband was just finishing up cooking breakfast! So much for the prediction made by my battle buddies! I sat down and enjoyed bacon and pancakes with my family. I was soooo tired. My husband was kind and let me sleep and sleep and sleep. I must have been exhausted because I slept almost the whole day!

My son was glad to see me but as soon as he could slip outside to play he was gone. I was the SAME WAY at his age so I did not mind. Grace (my three year old) stayed by my side. I played with her hair, talked to her and just did girly stuff. She ate it up.

I began to notice...the house was spotless. Wow. The laundry was caught up, dusting, vacuuming was done. Hmmm. I found out my husband had hired two cousins to come in and field-day the house. Nice.

Sunday I didn't really feel like going to church, but I also didn't want to miss church either. We went for the early service. My in-laws were glad to see me. We had a BBQ at their house in the evening. Steaks, sweet potatoes, cole slaw, potato salad, salads and then desserts of lemon meringe (sp?) pie, apple pie and chocolate chip cookies. Yum! I was good but still ate too much.

I turned in my orders to get paid this morning. I am going to Fort Knox Kentucky to attend phase two!!! Whoo Hoo! I love to travel so this was a sweet surprise. I have no dates yet but... I am also going to attend the Warriar Transition Course and my Training NCO said "well we are growing and are going to need another fulltime person. We will need a S1 (personnel type like the school I just attended) so I will let you know when that comes available." She was VERY impressed with the "Distinguished Honor Grad" and said so. She said that would really help me get the fulltime position. YEAH.

I am STILL tired. I didn't realize how much this all took out of me. I have been warned the Warrior Transition course is very difficult, but hey... I like a challenge.


Blogger yankeemom said...

Congrats on getting through Phase one and battle Buddy babysitting!
Looking forward to your new adventures at Fort Knox ~

Thursday, March 23, 2006 11:22:00 PM  

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