Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fun with Son

My son is a very outdoorsy type of boy. We live in a rural part of Georgia and have woods or cow pasture all around us. He is also very close to me and loves when Mom comes out to play. Well today he wanted to play with his Pellet gun but it wasn't actually working. Since I love to fix things I said to let me take a look. There were bent peices, missing peices and broken pieces. I asked wazup? He says that it sort of got run over a little bit by Dad's truck. Hmm sort of a little bit pregnant, I think not.

So we go outside and I pry open the slot to place the pellet with a bottle opener. I try and sight on a Shatterblast clay target and I shoot. Puff of dirt rises off to the left. FAR off to the left. My son says "I know! Let me get Dad's target for the bow!" Off he runs to the barn and drags out the big cube with the giant bullseye on the side.

It brought back memories of the first time we had target practice. He got a Daisy Powerline 856 pump action air rifle with a scope from Santa. It is all black and has a woodgrain stock. He was so excited as we went outside to play. He set up clay pigeons as targets. He took turn after turn to no avail. Now I haven't qualified on a weapon yet.... but I am a country girl and I do know how to shoot. In fact I am what is known as a natural. I haven't had lessons but every time I shoot I have very little problem. So I asked if I could take a turn. I shot target after target and he was amazed. He stood with his mouth hangin open and said "How'd you learn to shoot like that?" I smiled and said "Practice." LOL.

So today I kept fiddlin with the Pellet gun and figured out that the sight is permanently off to the right. So I compensated and shot a bullseye right in the dead center. I made a mark on the target and told him "aim for that". He did and he got inside the center circle of the bullseye. He was amazed. I told him "You shoot and figure how far off the sight is, aim with that in mind and you hit bullseye." He got it. He was tickled to be able to practice again.

They say we buy our kids toys we wish we had gotten! They say you might be a Southerner if yer Mama taught you how to shoot. I reckon they're right. :-) It was a fun day.


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