Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tears in my eyes

Michael Yon has a new article on his website. It is written about the birds he shot pictures of while in Iraq. During his interesting tale of birds and cameras he weaves another tale of soldiers and war. Here is a small quote:
The girlfriends and wives: I have since heard many stories of their stresses and travails at home with the kids and the bills and the medical problems and the incredible duress they must face alone—and the damn news: four troops were killed when . . . —and finally there is the knock on the door and she holds her breath and it's only someone delivering a package. Next week there is a knock and she holds her breath but it's only a rip-off artist trying to replace the roof. Next week there is a knock but she breathes easier because she has learned to deal with it, and she opens the door and her husband has no legs. Or he is horribly burned. Or he is dead.

This article is a great read. I found myself weeping. Weeping for a country that has lost sight of what freedom costs and how fragile it really is. Weeping for the courage of our soldiers and their families. And finally weeping for people who keep trying in the face of horrible adversity. Courage is rare but beautiful.


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