Thursday, December 01, 2005

I am SO Embarrassed

Embarrass: To hinder from freedom of thought, speech, or action by something which impedes or confuses mental action; to perplex; to discompose; to disconcert; as, laughter may embarrass an orator.

I prefer this definition: em-bar-ass'ed, the sudden flushing of your face and discomfort when you realize an action makes you look like a bare assed fool.

Monday I went down to the Georgia Army National Guard headquarters just south of Atlanta. The weather was bad and it took me 2 hours to get there. I didn't mind though as I do like to drive.

I went in uniform even though I wasn't on duty. I prefer to take care of Military business in uniform. I got there and was able to clear some stuff up on my record. I also visited the Recruiter's office that is there in that building to get directions to the Recruiting HRC that is in Atlanta. A Master Sergeant overheard me and mentioned that he was on his way there himself, did I want to follow him? Sure! So I met him in the parking lot and followed him to HRC in Atlanta. Once we arrived at HRC the Master Sergeant pointed me in the right direction but not before giving me this odd look.

Well I was online last night reading my favorite blogs. Some of them have pictures of Soldiers in uniform. I suddenly realised that I had been wearing my beret WRONG! I had the flash over my right eyebrow and pulled down over my left ear instead of visa versa. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW EMBARRASSING! I am just glad I didn't see anyone I will see again. I feel like SUCH a boot camp! UGH! Like this guy:


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