Sunday, December 04, 2005

My First Official Drill

While this past weekend wasn't actially my first drill, it was the first time I got to drill with my unit. I will say it again, the Army (National Guard) is vastly different from the Navy.

I had a blast! I really enjoyed meeting everyone. I enjoyed the lectures and the work. It felt so very good to be a Soldier.

I ran my PT test (Physical Training Test) on Staurday in freezing rain. I was told to remember this phrase "It doesn't rain in the Army, it rains ON the Army!" So we ran our two miles in 20 - 30 degree weather while it was raining on us. It was so cold my ears hurt (forgot to bring a hat). I had my best running time ever.....but I missed making my time by 12 seconds. My 1st Sergeant told me not to worry since this was a make-up APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) for the regular troops, the APFT in April will be the one that counts for me. However, I WILL be taking a PT test in January and PASSING! I just can't stand not making the grade.

I got my last peice of paper required to go Recruiter and I should know by the 15th of this month the outcome of the board. If I am not picked up by the Recruiting Command, my unit will be sending me to Chemical School. Sounds like win-win to me.

Although it *is* an advantage, it is a bit intimidating. See the secondary schools in the Army are schools that Soldiers just out of Boot Camp attend. Sooo they are not like attending College courses at your local school. Even though I am a middle aged married mother of two, I will be treated like an 18 year old raw recruit with no sense whatsoever. I will not be allowed to drive my car, leave the base, use my cell phone during the day for 11 weeks. I will have to PT EVERYDAY (run 2 or more miles plus sit-ups, push-ups etc.). I will have to march in formation to class. I will have barracks room inspection.

Let me tell you, when I was in the Navy we had it SO easy. After Boot Camp we never marched. NEVER. We never had to learn how to use a weapon! School was party time. We went to class and after class was out; our time was our own. We had our cars, and if we were married and the school was over 3 months we even had an apartment off base. We called it "skating". It was a breeze.

On the one hand I am not looking forward to this. On the other hand... I need to learn how to march, how to handle a weapon, how to be a soldier. So this will be very good for me. I AM totally looking forward to forced PT. LOL. Hey, maybe I will be a svelt little size 6 again!


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